The Movement Behind How We Move

Our bodies were developed to navigate the world around us. Whether walking across the room or running flat-out, lifting a glass of water or deadlifting hundreds of pounds, our complex neuromuscular system fires the right muscles at the right time to make the appropriate force happen. 

But, unfortunately, these neuromuscular connections develop weaknesses, asymmetry, and imbalances that can effect the way we move. For some, these deficiencies are significant enough to make even the simplest movements more difficult and painful. For others, the deficiencies are small but stand in the way from desired personal performance. 

Founded by Paul Matthews, an athlete and rehabilitation specialist who suffered from debilitating pain early in his life, NRP dives into the health of these connections and how they’re uniquely effecting each patient’s ability to move. Through a unique four-step process, NRP uncovers and addresses your weaknesses, asymmetry, and/or imbalance against ground force transfer. The results have changed lives. 

Our Plan. Your Potential.

Through our comprehensive process, we help imbalanced, weakened or pained areas of the body reach their peak performance. By restructuring nerve paths, signals from the brain more effectively reach the body, strengthening the musculoskeletal system as a whole.


Neuro Assessment

The NRP system starts with a head to toe neurological assessment of the body to determine sources of musculoskeletal pain or performance issues. We pinpoint the neurological origin of imbalanced and weakened neural pathways in order to restore them to optimal positioning.



Neuro Reset

After identifying weakened neural pathways, our specialized technicians perform a series of nerve-mobilization techniques to remove any soft tissue restrictions.



Neuro Activation

Next, hands-on neuro-activation techniques forge new, optimal paths through previously weakened or restricted areas. Assimilating these areas into proper alignment throughout the body allows individuals to return to their daily tasks and physical activities with improved balance and alleviated pain.



Neuro Performance

After building neuromuscular strength and stability into affected areas, we put the process to the test. New or improved mechanics are integrated into the specific movements or activities relevant to the client. Be it an improved golf swing, strengthened ankles or sitting comfortably at a desk, our goal is for the individual to reach optimal and/or pain-free movement. Based on the performance at this stage, we’ll come up with an appropriate plan to continue the work.