Move Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

Your body was made to move. A dynamic force powered by your brain, nerves,
and skeletal muscles, movement isn’t just how you navigate the world—it also plays
a critical role in your health and well-being.


Founded by Paul Matthews, a soft tissue and rehabilitation specialist and strength coach who
endured a severe spinal injury as a young athlete, NRP focuses on improving the resilience of your
neuromuscular system. By addressing the source of weakened neural pathways that contribute to
structural imbalance, we push our clients to reach their full potential by helping them enhance
their physical performance or simply lead a pain-free life.


Our data-driven approach to and fitness combines the latest technology with
an in-depth understanding of the human body and how it works. Taking you through
a personalized step-by-step process, the NRP team can help you achieve
increased strength, enhanced mobility, alleviated pain, and greater longevity.

Our Protocol. Your Potential.

Through our comprehensive process, we help imbalanced, weakened, and pained areas of the body recover by holistically reinvigorating your neuromuscular system.


We start with a head-to-toe neurological assessment to determine sources of musculoskeletal pain and/or performance issues, identifying the source of weakened neural pathways.


After identifying your weakened neural pathways, our highly skilled technicians perform a series of nerve-mobilization techniques to help remove any soft tissue restrictions.


Our trainers perform hands-on, neuro-activation techniques to bring your body back into alignment, build neuromuscular strength and stability, improve your balance, and alleviate pain.


We integrate improved mechanics into the specific movements or activities relevant to you, then develop a performance plan to help you reach optimal and pain-free mobility.

NRP Solutions Sets

Your career depends on squeezing every last ounce of performance out of your body. But, too often, years of pushing your body to the limit impacts the neuromuscular connections that are at the root of your power, coordination, strength, speed, and pain.

Unlike any other physical therapy protocols, NRP identifies and addresses the strengths and weaknesses of these neuromuscular connections. As a result, NRP enables you to perform better and more pain-free by getting to the core of what makes your body move.

You don’t need to be a professional athlete to want the most out of your performance. Whether training for the next marathon or vying for respect on the pickleball court, NRP delivers a tailored therapy program that will enable you to reach your body’s potential while minimizing pain and mitigating injuries.

Effortless, painless mobility is becoming harder to come by. From COVID-derived issues, such as quickly assembled home offices and sequestered living, to natural aging and more sedentary lifestyles, people are struggling with moving their bodies for even some of the simplest tasks. NRP has helped both young and old conquer their movement challenges by getting to the root of the issue. The result is getting back to pain-free, effortless movement.

If your day-to-day movement is causing you pain, we can help. Whether it’s a twinge in the knee, a tweak from the back, or a sharp pinch in the elbow, NRP does more than just treat the pain itself. Instead, we uncover and treat the root cause to ensure the pain is gone for good.

Through our breakthrough understanding of the human body and the latest technology, NRP specialists are able to provide clear guidance on how to live in a way that prioritizes your longevity. Offered as an assessment and subscription, this unique offering has become the foundation for a growing number of NRP clients.