NRP for Athletes

NRP therapy and athletes are a natural fit. Given the unilateral biases in every sport, players tend to create large gaps between their strength and weaknesses, which often leads to injury or decreased performance.

Through the NRP process, we can determine the specific origins or any neurological imbalances and work to minimize them through a customized therapy plan based on unique situations and athletic goals.

Active Engagement

Through a series of back and forth video communication, we’re able to evaluate athletes’ bodies and give them the tools they need to improve connections and, ultimately, move better.

Knowing that every athlete is different and the way they interpret their bodies is unique, we give them the opportunity to articulate their pain or limitations by breaking down the specific sensations they’re experiencing.


This not only allows us to comprehensively understand their condition and the right path forward, but gives them the assurance that their concerns are being truly addressed.