NRP For Every You

Whether you’re active and always on-the-go or taking steps to move more, we can all experience bodily pain, discomfort or changes in how we move. NRP meets you where you are on your journey, helps you define your goals and creates a customizable plan to attain them.


From initial evaluation to implementing lifestyle changes, our specialized technicians work with you every step of the way. We provide in-depth explanations about our processes so you understand the ways we’re helping you achieve optimal alignment to improve movement and alleviate pain.

Our Plan. Your Potential.

Through our comprehensive process, we help imbalanced, weakened or pained areas of the body reach their peak performance. By restructuring nerve paths, signals from the brain more effectively reach the body, strengthening the musculoskeletal system as a whole.


Neuro Assessment

The NRP system starts with a head to toe neurological assessment of the body to determine sources of musculoskeletal pain or performance issues. We pinpoint the neurological origin of imbalanced and weakened neural pathways in order to restore them to optimal positioning.



Neuro Reset

After identifying weakened neural pathways, our specialized technicians perform a series of nerve-mobilization techniques to remove any soft tissue restrictions.



Neuro Activation

Next, hands-on neuro-activation techniques forge new, optimal paths through previously weakened or restricted areas. Assimilating these areas into proper alignment throughout the body allows individuals to return to their daily tasks and physical activities with improved balance and alleviated pain.



Neuro Performance

After building neuromuscular strength and stability into affected areas, we put the process to the test. New or improved mechanics are integrated into the specific movements or activities relevant to the client. Be it an improved golf swing, strengthened ankles or sitting comfortably at a desk, our goal is for the individual to reach optimal and/or pain-free movement. Based on the performance at this stage, we’ll come up with an appropriate plan to continue the work.